Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at gatech.edu
Sun Jan 28 19:35:38 UTC 2007

David Woolley wrote:
> For people using user agents, like Outlook, which try and hide all
> technicalities, and only provide a mimimum of headers, that's not
> strictly true.  There is no strict need for it to appear in either To:
> or CC: (however this particular list software enforces that it should)

Moreover, people on this list don't pull shenanigans like hiding the
list address.
> and it can occur in conjunction with a human friendly phrase.

The only such phrase I've seen is "license-discuss".  A search on that
brings up the relevant page immediately.

> Note, therefore, that every single message contains a URL that will 
> start the unsubscribe process, unless, possibly your email is being
> redirected.
>> email, or go to that domain and look around for this unsubscribe address
>> (or just guess it; it's a very common template)?
> Actually, there is a problem here.  At one time, one could say send an
> email to <list>-request@<domain>, in plain text, with unsubscribe as
> the only content.

That address works for this list.  It doesn't accept commands, but it
will reply with instructions on unsubscribing.

  (It is still possible that this is an alternative
> form for this list.)  However nowadays an increasing number of users
> have lost the concept of plain text email, so there was a move towards
> using the subject for the command, so the intruction then had to be to
> make both subject and body be unsubscribe.

The email to -request doesn't have to be plain text.

>> Then why did they sign up in the first place?
> There is a small minority of cases were people are maliciously subscribed
> in order to mailbomb them.  I don't know if that is a problem for this
> list.

They won't get any email until they (auto)reply to the confirmation.

Matthew Flaschen

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