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Christian Maletz christian_maletz at yahoo.de
Wed Jan 24 21:26:00 UTC 2007

Andrew C. Oliver schrieb:
>> (Why do people care about this so much?  We all agree that under OSD
>> #10 this is a slam dunk.  Why worry about a far weaker OSD #6
>> argument?)
> For my own purpose it is to:
> * create a consensus on the most credible arguments: which means 
> fleshing out what is TOO weak or too contentious for exclusion.
> * present the most credible arguments including the stronger weak 
> arguments and in some cases present why they are "limited" or 
> "tenuous" but why they think they are worth the board considering.
> * describe the negative effects on open source if these arguments are 
> dismissed.
> Procedurally finding one good argument and then saying "bullseye" 
> doesn't present a full enough picture and might result in multiple 
> rounds where one might do.
> -Andy

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