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Rick Moen rick at
Tue Jan 23 04:53:24 UTC 2007

Quoting Andrew C. Oliver (acoliver at

> Please calm down.

I was slightly vexed by being misquoted, but otherwise have seldom been
less bothered in general.

> Rather than defend yourself ....

I'm sorry, but you seem to have attributed to my post something not
present in it:  I said nothing promoting the merit of either myself
personally (having not been aware of being personally under discussion)
or of any of my earlier statements.  I merely pointed out that Mr. Tilly
had fundamentally misrepresented the latter -- and then corrected what
he said.  Again.

> can you perhaps try to stay on the topic please?

If by "the topic" you mean Socialtext's GAP patch paragraph, my OSD#6
analysis of same _was_ recapped inline, in my immediately preceding
post.  Please see.  Or, alternatively:
> I can't sort what of the below has anything to do with this:

I'm mystified that you could have missed this part, especially since you
literally quoted it in its entirety, but will be glad to copy and paste
it, once:

   Concerning GAP (in distinction to MuleSource's "Exhibit B"), I pointed
   out that a licensor invoking its wording...

      a display of the same size as found in the [original code]
      released by the original licensor

   ...could require all derivative works to sport a 500-point logo +
   company name + URL display, specifically to make commercial use
   impractical.  I.e., the lack of any limit on size and promience
   (completely aside from the OSD#10 issue) provides a method for
   licensor to effectively prevent competing commercial use.

The reasoning should be familiar to you, given that you said something
extremely similar on December 12, right here:

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