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Tue Jan 23 04:33:49 UTC 2007

I'll edit the page to further clarify (it is a wiki, so it shouldn't
be a problem).  Thanks.


On 1/22/07, Rick Moen <rick at> wrote:
> Quoting Ross Mayfield (ross.mayfield at
> > To clarify,
> Ross, I appreciate your intent to clarify.  However, are you going to fix
> what your Web page says?  To reiterate, what it says is simply
> factually incorrect -- on a matter of central importance here, i.e., it
> claims you've submitted to OSI licensing text that you clearly have not.
> You could have said "Yes, we'll fix that."  You could have said "No,
> we'll not be changing that page."  Or you could have just quietly fixed
> it but not commented here.  I'm a bit mystified that you did none of
> those three, as your response appears to use quite a few nice-sounding
> phrases that circumnavigate what I said without addressing it.
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