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Tue Jan 23 03:22:17 UTC 2007

On 1/22/07, Andrew C. Oliver <acoliver at> wrote:
> I wanted to open a new thread for this because the old thread contains a
> number of intermingling subthreads discussing other topics.[...]
> If you have another argument that you do not feel has been captured that
> we have not already discussed please state:
>    what.
>    why.

As I mentioned in my discussion with Rick Moen, I believe that many of
the UI issues are also potential OSD #6 violations.  For instance a
requirement for a logo of a given size prevents developing derivative
code for conveying information over mobile telephones or to blind

Therefore even if one questions whether OSD #10 failed to capture the
intent of the Board at that time, those are still issues under OSD #6.

> If you have a minority opinion that you would like considered but not as
> part of the consensus (meaning only a minority agree with you), let's
> add a "joined the opinion" style attachment (meaning you disagree with
> GAP for different reasons) provided "the group" agrees your arguments
> are at least "on topic" and logical.  (meaning for instance some
> arguments were rejected because they don't relate to THIS license)

Rick Moen is the most prominent representative of those who believe
that OSD #6 should be interpreted as forbidding restrictions whose
effect is to render code unpalatable for certain purposes, even though
that is not expressly forbidden.  A line which they believe this
license crosses.

Even though I don't agree with this interpretation, I think that the
position still should be expressed.

Similarly for the OSD #3 complaint, I think that argument is weak.
Essentially it is, "If code under this license is combined with code
from similar ones, the result becomes impractical."  However one gets
the same effect from taking any pair of incompatible licenses and
joining them together.  The best-known example is the GPL and any
other license.  It may be argued that one may expect different
licenses to generally be immiscible, here similar licenses are.  But
we already have examples of that as well, namely the GPL with clause 8
invoked is incompatible with the GPL.

> As stated you can directly edit the page if you:
> 1. register @
> 2. email me your desired user/pw
> However you do not need to edit the page, you can reply here and someone
> will add it.  Please vet arguments here before adding them to the page.

I've taken the option of replying here. :-)


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