SocialText license discussion--call for closure of arguments

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Sun Jan 21 01:06:09 UTC 2007

Rick Moen wrote:
> Anyway, I wonder who that consultant could have been?  
> Noted without comment (
>    Finally, there is also the issue of who some of these companies have
>    turned to in order to author these licenses. Mark Radcliffe is an
>    attorney who is General Counsel to the Open Source Initiative. But
>    Radcliffe has also authored some of these licenses. According to
>    Larry Rosen, who used to serve as General Counsel to the OSI, having
>    that title doesn't exactly pay the bills. So, its customary for the
>    OSI's legal counsel to also practice law in their area of expertise,
>    outside of the OSI. For Rosen, that involved writing software licenses
>    and the same goes for Radcliffe.  [...]

I find the comparison of Rosen and Radcliffe somewhat misleading, since
it doesn't mention that all of Rosen's licenses are now (as far as I can
tell) OSI-approved.

Matthew Flaschen

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