Strange Messages from

Chuck Swiger chuck at
Sat Jan 20 00:40:39 UTC 2007

On Jan 19, 2007, at 4:30 PM, Ben Tilly wrote:
>>  What is happening is that some spammer sends an email with a  
>> return address
>> here - and it ends up hitting one of Amazons servers - so that server
>> bounces it.
>> I suspect that is the cause.
> I strongly doubt that this is the case.  All of the emails that I've
> received of this form from this list have the message that was emailed
> included in the body - and it is always an email that I personally
> wrote.

Russ Nelson (as <postmaster at>) had confirmed that  
someone had forged email from store-news at to this list's  
subscription address, and Amazon's autoresponder sent out a message  
which confirmed the subscription.

That address has been unsubscribed, and there is a trouble ticket  
open at Amazon (#2709141) with the guys who wrote their auto- 
responder to fix it to pay attention to the email headers normally  
found in list traffic so ought to not approve forged  
subscription requests in the future.

[ I'd complained to amazon about a week ago, and the problem was  
identified about two days ago. ]


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