Uses of the Artistic License?

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There are nearly 1500 projects on SF that use the Artistic License, see

Freshmeat has about 600 projects (probably a lot of duplicates), see

I imagine that some of those projects are rather prominent.

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Subject: Uses of the Artistic License?

Can anybody please point me to users of the Artistic License?

I'm a party to a Federal lawsuit involving copyright of open-source code
that's released under the Artistic License.  For more information about
that, please see <>.  The
defendants have argued that our use of the Artistic License does not
provide protection under copyright law, but only much more limited
protection under contract law. Should they win this, it would be an
unfortunate precedent.

One of the things we have to file with the Court is a disclosure of
"interested entities".  The outcome of this case may be of interest to
any project using the Artistic License, and perhaps more generally to
users of other licenses.  We should therefore list any projects using
the Artistic License that we can reasonably find.  I know about Perl,
and have included that.  (It would also be helpful to point at any
published information on Perl usage; I'd appreciate a pointer to
anything like that you might know about) Are there any other large
and/or well-known projects?

Thanks in advance.

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