non-military use license

Andrew C. Oliver acoliver at
Fri Jan 12 03:52:30 UTC 2007

A very good point.  Then again, I would put it to you that the premise 
of licenses only applies to rule of law countries anyhow.  It is like 
the laughable US export restriction "I promise I'm not under the control 
of Iran, X, Y, or Z country...or the guys controlling Iran said it was 
okay to say yes to this and download the software through a proxy 
anyhow".  Airport security certainly could be more efficient this way, 
possibly a degree less effective (not sure there), but certainly more 


Dirk Huenniger wrote:
> I think that kind of license will NOT prevent anybody from using you 
> software for military purposes. A war is usually started by people who 
> have got very much political power in a country, so they will just 
> turn your license into public domain by chaning the law in that 
> coutry, in case they need it for the war. If they win the war, their 
> law will, keep in power an thus they used your software legally. If 
> they lose they will be killed or a least severly punished. The reasons 
> will be defined by the winning country. The punishment will not depent 
> on whether they, used the corectly licensed software in this war. I 
> think there are a lot of problems in this field, but I don't think 
> licenses will solve any of them.
> Cheers Dirk

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