Use of "open source"

Craig Muth at
Fri Jan 5 00:57:20 UTC 2007

Brendan Scott wrote:
> If you are selling oranges by mail order but you are advertising them
> as lemons (neither of which is a registered trademark btw) the buyer
> will have a right of action against you.  The question is whether
> "open source" has a meaning, not whether it is trademarked.

I'd suggest 'citris fruit' would be more comparable.  Unlike the OSD
the definition of an orange is meant to describe one very specific
thing, whereas citris fruit is meant to describe diverse fruits that
meet common specific criteria.  And while it is generally understood
what fruit is and what it means to have citrus (which should very much
have a bearing on what is considered 'citris fruit') it is up for
debate what fits into the category (ref

--Craig Muth

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