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Rick Moen rick at
Mon Feb 19 20:05:21 UTC 2007

Quoting Matthew Flaschen (matthew.flaschen at

> I understand it's a financial burden to provide the service, but
> that's not a reason to restrict the source.  In fact, it may be a
> reason why releasing the source won't harm you financially (few can
> afford to do it on the same scale).

Going by recollection,'s customisations to Alexandria that were
never released, that would have been in the 2.7 release had it ever
occurred, related primarily to problems pretty much unique to's
deployment (e.g., caching, foundries, image servers[1]).  Also, were
they to be released today, I suspect they'd be about five years out of
date compared to GForge, so frankly I doubt there's much point.

In fact, OSTG might eventually consider, for its own reasons, converging
onto GForge with some local customisations -- which at this point it
might as well then offer under GPLv2 and later to Tim Perdue and GForge,
since it's no longer very similar to the current J2EE-based SourceForge
Enterprise Edition" product (nee "SourceForge Enterprise Fusion").

[1] SFEE, the now-discarded proprietary fork that I believe was never
deployed on, but that was sold to enterprise customers before the
from-scratch Java rewrite replaced it, added Oracle & DB2 support,
ClearCase & Perforce support, some new backend scripts, an ncurses
installer, and portability to Solaris.

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