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Did you end up asking any quesitons of the panel?  I have to admit to being
underwhelmed by the osa. OSDL/FSG merging will be challenging enough without
these folksc onfusing things. Of course, considering what many of them
consider open source....well anyhow.


On 2/14/07, Robin 'Roblimo' Miller <robin at> wrote:
> Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> > Robin 'Roblimo' Miller wrote:
> >
> >> I'm sure licensing questions will be raised at the LinuxWorld Jr.
> >> presentation. I'll be there with my video camera and lots of tape...
> >>
> >
> > It looks like CentricCRM couldn't wait after all.  There's a story up at
> >  ZDNet (
> Also this story by one of my people:
> And tomorrow, immediately after the panel discussion re OSA, I'll be
> talking to some OSA principals about principles.
> I had some private conversations with two of them today, and I think the
> real truth is that they never really put a lot of thought about how
> "open source" a company must be to join their group. I told two of their
> people -- and dude Ross Turk also said -- that we think
> the membership criterion should be that a company's main products or
> services are open source, and when we say "open source," we mean open
> source as defined by OSI.
> I have personally railed in the past against companies using "based on
> open source" as a marketing gimmick. Microsoft can legitimately claim
> that it has projects "based on open source," so, um...
> ...anyway, more to come. May be in the form of an opinion piece. I am
> obviously partisan here and not ashamed to say so. The story will run on
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