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On 8/28/07, Alexander Terekhov <alexander.terekhov at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2. Effect of Anticipatory Repudiation
> a. Aggrieved Party may bring an immediate action for breach, or wait
> for repudiating party to perform
> b. Aggrieved Party is discharged from further performance of its own
> remaining obligations and may declare contract terminated

Note that 2a is what you seem to be having a problem with.

I am going to second the suggestion that you take a break and re-read the
replies and your own posts in this area.  Do some extra research.  Think
about things and synthesize what you have read.

IANAL, and I think that standard copyleft theory is overreaching in many
areas.  But posting things like this, only to show that the portions you
quote are indeed based in law does nothing except clog this list with
irrelevant trivia.  The artistic license case was at least interesting.  I
find this to be anything but.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

> alexander.
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