For Approval: GPLv3

Chris Travers chris.travers at
Sun Aug 26 21:21:15 UTC 2007


It is clear that Donovan and I disagree as to whehter one can effectively
license a BSDL file copied verbatem under a new license.  Of course, I will
admit that there are plenty of other ways around the BSDL terms, such as
NDA's etc.   I will just point out that although it seems to be a perpetual
argument on this list it is *very* important for the GPLv3 because of new

I will let others read the clauses of the licenses for themselves as in my
previous posts and make up their own minds.  However, I think that it is
dangerous to interpret any clause in a license as moot due to the question
fo whether it can be meaningfully excersized.  The question becomes really
how much does the GPL require one to do to *dependant software* licensing
terms.  THese are not encumbered by the GPL licensor's copyrights and are
affected by the license in unprecidented ways.  I think the board needs to
take that into account.

Best WIshes,
Chris Travers
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