When will CPAL actually be _used_?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Aug 22 00:01:33 UTC 2007

Quoting Ross Mayfield (ross.mayfield at socialtext.com):

> Thanks, Rick,
> Our next release of Socialtext Open will be under CPAL.  We've been
> swamped setting up a new release management process and hosting
> BarCamp this weekend.  Should be next week.

Meanwhile, you should un-swamp yourself long enough to _immediately_
remove Open Source Initiative's "OSI Certified" logo from
http://www.socialtext.net/open/index.cgi?cpal , which has since July 30
had that logo displayed above the claim "CPAL applied to Socialtext
Open" -- which claim is not in fact true.  

In addition, http://www.socialtext.net/open/index.cgi claims:

   Open Source Licenses
   Socialtext is Open Source Initative Approved Open Source Software.

That turns out to be untrue, as well.

http://www.socialtext.net/open/index.cgi?licensing repeats that erronous
claim, once again directly under OSI's trademarked logo:

   Socialtext is Open Source Initative Approved Open Source Software.
   o  CPAL - The Common Public Attribution License is our license for
      Socialtext Open and SocialCalc.

Your continuing to make those claims, particularly below OSI's
trademarked logo, is abuse of OSI's certification-mark trademark and
(once again) misrepresents your licensing to the public.

If you're saying that's too time-consuming a change, might I recommend
some good wiki software for your site?  ;->

Best Regards,
Rick Moen
rick at linuxmafia.com
(speaking only for himself)

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