For Approval: Microsoft Community License

Nils Labugt elabu at
Tue Aug 21 11:40:36 UTC 2007

fre, 10.08.2007 kl. 11.15 -0700, skrev Chuck Swiger:
> Except for the addition of clause 3(a) containing a "weak" copyleft  
> provision,

>From Wikipedia:

""Weak copyleft" licences are generally used for the creation of
software libraries, to allow other software to link to the library, and
then be redistributed without the legal requirement for the work to be
distributed under the library's copyleft license. Only changes to the
weak copylefted software itself become subject to the copyleft
provisions of such a license, not changes to the software that links to

3(a) appears to affect other code that is statically (but not
dynamically) linked in, so I don't think that the term "weak copyleft"
should apply to this license.

Nils Labugt

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