inconsistency in OSD- software (#2) v. licenses/rights (every other plank)

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Ah, ok :) I get it now, thanks for clearing that up.

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On 1 Aug 2007, at 00:00, David Woolley wrote:

> Jesse Hannah wrote:
>>'d probably be better to just say "source code". Other  
>> than that, I think those clarifications you suggest are a good idea.
> Source code includes obfuscated source code and the results of  
> running pre-processors, like flex and yacc.  The preferred form  
> wording is intended to ensure that, for example, a parser is  
> distributed as the yacc input file, not the resulting C "source  
> code" file.
> If it is at all vague, it is done that way to reduce the chances of  
> people finding loopholes to allow the "source code" to be  
> distributed, but in a way that makes it difficult or impossible for  
> the recipient to produce non-trivial modifications.
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