inconsistency in OSD- software (#2) v. licenses/rights (every other plank)

David Woolley forums at
Wed Aug 1 07:00:52 UTC 2007

Jesse Hannah wrote:

>'d probably be better to just say "source code". Other than 
> that, I think those clarifications you suggest are a good idea.

Source code includes obfuscated source code and the results of running 
pre-processors, like flex and yacc.  The preferred form wording is 
intended to ensure that, for example, a parser is distributed as the 
yacc input file, not the resulting C "source code" file.

If it is at all vague, it is done that way to reduce the chances of 
people finding loopholes to allow the "source code" to be distributed, 
but in a way that makes it difficult or impossible for the recipient to 
produce non-trivial modifications.

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