License Proliferation Dissatisfaction

Stephane Dalmas Stephane.Dalmas at
Mon Apr 23 15:51:45 UTC 2007

> Lawrence Rosen writes:
>  > I'm not trying to disparage CDDL or CPL here. I'm just punching holes in
>  > Russ' nonsense.
> I hear you saying that you're unhappy.  I understand that you're
> unhappy.  I'm sorry that you're unhappy.  But your unhappiness isn't
> going to change the outcome.  Your choice at this point is whether you
> choose to be happy or unhappy.  May I recommend the choice to be happy?
For what it's worth... Larry Rosen is not the only one to be "unhappy" 
or "surprised" by this work on license proliferation (at least from a 
legal point of view and especially from someone on the other side of the 
Atlantic Ocean). I think he raised good points that you did not answer. 
Moreover, I'm also suprised by the tone of your response that sounds not 
very "neutral" to me. I understand that you know Larry probably well but 
from the outside it is not the kind of answer one expects from a member 
of the OSI board on a public mailing list.


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