For Approval: Educational Community License 1.0

John Cowan cowan at
Thu Apr 19 14:35:53 UTC 2007

Christopher D. Coppola scripsit:

> This makes some sense. I'll consider it with some of the others in  
> our community. My only hesitation is that we've had a 3 year campaign  
> building common ground on the "Educational Community License" we have  
> a lot of community education materials, and a bit of "brand  
> recognition" in our community. 

I don't see any problem with keeping the branding, and just restructuring
the internals of the license.   So just as the LGPL 3.0 will be the
GPL 3.0 plus additional permissions, the ECL 2.0 would be Apache 2.0
plus an additional limitation.  Short, sweet, and to the point.

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