For Approval: Educational Community License 1.0

Christopher D. Coppola chris.coppola at
Thu Apr 19 14:22:32 UTC 2007

> I'd urge you to explicitly structure this as Apache 2.0 + limitation,
> as that it makes it much easier to understand.  There's nothing like
> having to scan a long stretch of legalese, wondering just wherein it
> differs from a base license that you already understand.
This makes some sense. I'll consider it with some of the others in  
our community. My only hesitation is that we've had a 3 year campaign  
building common ground on the "Educational Community License" we have  
a lot of community education materials, and a bit of "brand  
recognition" in our community. For the sake of discussion on this  
list we could certainly consider it that way.


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