Restriction on distribution by Novell?

Wilson, Andrew andrew.wilson at
Tue Sep 26 22:26:21 UTC 2006

Ben Tilly wrote:

> I believe you must be misremembering the conversation.

> I do not see that language in
>, which still claims to
> be the most current draft.  That draft still says "any third party",
> just like the GPL v2 does.  And I don't see how "any third party in
> possession of the binary" is broader than "any third party."

The operative language in the July draft isn't in section 6, it
is back in section 5.  The July draft (sec. 5, para b) says

	"You must license the entire covered work, as a whole,
	under this license to anyone who comes into possession
	of a copy."

When you combine this new-to-v3 language with sec. 6, you
get the new-to-v3 behavior of having to provide the sources
to everyone who has the binary.

Andy Wilson
Intel Open Source Technology Center

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