Redefining GPL?

Rick Moen rick at
Thu Nov 30 06:30:35 UTC 2006

Quoting Michael Bernstein (webmaven at

> Unlike Affero, they didn't ask for permission to modify the GPL.

As you yourself point out, this definitely violates FSF's copyright over
the GPLv2 licence text, so it would be fully appropriate to bring that
matter to FSF's attention.  I'm not sure what they'd do, but it's worth

> And, as I noted, they are misusing the OSI's logo by using it as an
> endorsement to publicize their release under the
> modified-without-authorization (and therefore non-OSI approved)
> license.

You're right:  This part does seem like something OSI should be
concerned with.  

(I don't speak for OSI.  On a good day, I speak for the cat and, after
careful consultation, maybe my wife.)

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