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Hello everyone,

I'm planning to develop an open source project which connects to googleTalk .For this purpose I'm using the agsxmpp library to connect.
The problem is agsxmpp is released under a shared license whereas mine would be under gpl.The license also says that it is strictly incompatible with 
gpl and lgpl .Here is an excerpt of the license:

 This License governs use of the accompanying Software, and your use of the  Software constitutes acceptance of this license.
 You may use this Software for any non-commercial purpose, subject to the  restrictions in this license. Some purposes which can be non-commercial are  teaching, academic research, and personal experimentation. You may also  distribute this Software with books or other teaching materials, or publish the  Software on websites, that are intended to teach the use of the Software.
 You may not use or distribute this Software or any derivative works in any form  for commercial purposes. Examples of commercial purposes would be running  business operations, licensing, leasing, or selling the Software, or  distributing the Software for use with commercial products.
 You may modify this Software and distribute the modified Software for  non-commercial purposes, however, you may not grant rights to the Software or  derivative works that are broader than those provided by this License. For  example, you may not distribute modifications of the Software under terms that  would permit commercial use, or under terms that purport to require the Software  or derivative works to be sub licensed to others.
 You may use any information in intangible form that you remember after accessing  the Software. However, this right does not grant you a license to any of  AG-Software's copyrights or patents for anything you might create using such  information.

Can someone please guide me as to how to select an osi compatible license that will allow me to use this library without any legal troubles.

The links to the site are as follows

Fingers crossed for a reply


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