restrictions on web service linking?

Michael Poole mdpoole at
Mon Nov 20 21:40:30 UTC 2006

Clark C. Evans writes:

> David,
> I think I once again caused confusion by using the word "database" instead 
> of "database system": I have no particular interest one way or the other
> in "user data".

Saying the same thing over and over does not advance the discussion.
You wish to prevent users from modifying your software to communicate
with certain other software.  I might wish to prevent users from
modifying my software to use a different TCP or IP protocol.  Either
restriction can, and should, cause the OSI to refuse certification for
the license under the grounds that people have previously cited.

If the "end user" is distinct from the "hosting user", then external
deployment clauses will make the modified software available to end
users.  Those end users then have the freedom to port changes to other
database backends (or whatever else) as much as they desire.  Tying
users' hands in this matter is inimical to improving open source in
the large.

Michael Poole

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