FOR APPROVAL: WhizbangApplicationCompany Public License 1.0

Chuck Swiger chuck at
Wed Nov 15 20:24:07 UTC 2006

On Nov 15, 2006, at 10:28 AM, Nicholas Goodman wrote:
> PS - I value OSI boards time.  I hope submitting a license in proxy  
> for
> others doesn't appear differently.  I think it valuable to get a
> determination on these licenses; I hope OSI agrees to consider and  
> make
> a determination on this license.

I believe that the OSI board does not want to consider licenses  
submitted against the will of the original license author.  If you  
are submitting this license "in proxy" for others with the knowledge  
and approval of the author(s), that would probably be OK, but I will  
defer to the opinions of the OSI board with regard to that.

> [ ...since most of this appears to be a modified version of the  
> Mozilla Public License, I will focus on the final exhibit... ]
> WhizbangApplicationCompany Public License 1.0 - Exhibit B
> Additional Terms applicable to the WhizbangApplicationCompany  
> Public License.
> I. Effect.
> These additional terms described in this WhizbangApplicationCompany  
> Public License – Additional Terms shall apply to the Covered Code  
> under this License.
> II. WhizbangApplicationCompany and logo.
> This License does not grant any rights to use the trademarks  
> "WhizbangApplicationCompany" and the "WhizbangApplicationCompany"  
> logos even if such marks are included in the Original Code or  
> Modifications.
> However, in addition to the other notice obligations, all copies of  
> the Covered Code in Executable and Source Code form distributed  
> must, as a form of attribution of the original author, include on  
> each user interface screen (i) the " WhizbangApplicationCompany  
> Community" logo, (ii) the vendor disclaimer “Supplied free of  
> charge with no support, no certification, no maintenance, no  
> warranty and no indemnity by WhizbangApplicationCompany Software,  
> Inc or its certified partners. Click here for support. And  
> certified Versions” and (iii) the copyright notice in the same form  
> as the latest version of the Covered Code distributed by  
> WhizbangApplicationCompany Software, Inc. at the time of  
> distribution of such copy. In addition, the  
> "WhizbangApplicationCompany Community" logo and vendor disclaimer  
> must be visible to all users and be located at the very bottom left  
> of each user interface screen. Notwithstanding the above, the  
> dimensions of the " WhizbangApplicationCompany Community " logo  
> must be at least 176 x 26 pixels. When users click on the "  
> WhizbangApplicationCompany Community " logo it must direct them  
> back to When users click  
> on the vendor disclaimer it must direct them to http:// 
>  In addition, the copyright  
> notice must remain visible to all users at all times at the bottom  
> of the user interface screen. When users click on the copyright  
> notice, it must direct them back to http:// 

This requirement to display a 176 x 26 pixel image, assorted  
disclaimers, and have URLs be clickable at all times means the  
licensed code cannot be used in a text-only CLI environment, an  
environment without network connectivity, or an environment without  
WWW browsing capabilities.

These obviously fail OSD #10; therefore I recommend that this license  
be rejected.


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