For Approval: TrueCrypt Collective License Version 2.0

Chuck Swiger chuck at
Thu Jul 13 18:02:40 UTC 2006

Tomas Novak wrote:
> Ben Tilly wrote:
[ ... ]
>> my second suggestion is to submit the individual licenses first.
>> That way if there are problems, they'll get sorted out more easily.  
> In our opinion, any possible problems with any of the component 
> licenses will need to be resolved whether they are submitted separately 
> first or not. Also, OSI approval of the component licenses can be 
> useful to our project only if they are approved as integral parts of 
> the TCL. 

Most of the component licenses have already been OSI-approved.

What the OSI cannot do is resolve any conflicts between them on your behalf; 
for example, if the GPL applies to some of this code, and some other part 
requires author attribution (ie, an old-style BSD license like the one 
probably used by SSLeay), that combination probably cannot be redistributed, 
at least not without gaining permission from the original authors. [1]

I gather you're aware of this and are looking to simplify the number of 
components and licenses you're including...which is a sensible direction, 
certainly, and I wish you luck with it, Tomas.

However, unless the OSI board decides to add license miscibility to the 
criteria for license approval [2], it's not their job to certify combinations 
of licenses.


[1]: I'm not sure whether this is the case; one license seemed to specify the 
GPL as an alternative...?

[2]: And, presumably, figures out what to do about the cases of license 
incompatibility present in OSI-approved licenses now, which may not ever 
happen if doing so is not a solveable problem.  :-)

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