For Approval: TrueCrypt Collective License Version 2.0

Matthew Seth Flaschen superm40 at
Thu Jul 13 16:37:52 UTC 2006

Matthew Garrett wrote:
> Why? Explaining what your problems are with existing licenses may make 
> things clearer.

There problem is essentially that they are required to license their 
code under these component licenses and are trying to get 
OSI-certification for the combo retroactively; it is not that they 
considered other licenses and rejected them, but rather that they are 
already locked into these in particular.  I still don't think it is 
necessary to create a compound license; it suffices to stay that each 
part of the program is under one or more OSI-certified licenses.  This 
is not yet true, but it could be if they submit the component licenses 

Matthew Flaschen

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