GPL v3

Andy Tai lichengtai at
Wed Jan 25 22:39:15 UTC 2006

> (In particular, it's my view that since the GPL is not a contract, and
> as such is revocable at will, software under the GPLv2 clearly violates
> the Debian Tentacles-of-Evil test, and therefore is not Debian-free.
> But obviously no one from the Debian community dare agree.  IANAL; TINLA.)

What's amusing is that the Debian guidelines actually were designed explicitly with the GPL in
mind, and now you are saying even the GPL v2 violates the Guidelines.  Suppose that is true, and
since the GPL came first, then it is the Guidelines that failed its purpose rather than the GPL
fails to follow the Guidelines.  Again this is supposing what you said was true, which I think
most people do not agree with.  

Think about saying the Declaration of Independence failed to satisfy the US Constitution.  

The same can be said of some people who judge whether the GPL is open source.

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