[Fwd: [gnu.org #285277] Open Source Initiative Certification for GPL 3.0]

Zak Greant zak at greant.com
Tue Apr 25 16:41:00 UTC 2006

On Apr 24, 2006, at 22:09PDT (CA), Russ Nelson wrote:
> Matthew Seth Flaschen writes:
>> If OSI wishes to become relevant, it will stop certifying licenses
>> simply because someone makes a request, and start seriously  
>> working to
>> stop license proliferation.
> Obviously David missed my talk in Croatia at DORS/CLUB 2006 last week
> explaining why there are so many open source licenses.
> Yeah, the OSI is irrelevant because too many people are asking it to
> certify licenses.
> Just like nobody goes to that restaurant anymore because it's too
> crowded.   http://www.quotedb.com/quotes/1311

No need to fuel the fire here. Both FSF and OSI are relevant. Dave  
doesn't really follow what the OSI does, in the same way that the OSI  
board and followers often don't know the quiet and good things that  
the FSF does.


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