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On Bittorrent's web page, they say their license is a variation of
Jabber 1.0:

They also claim it complies with the OSD.
Guess wikipedia is wrong.

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I read the following in Wikipedia:


The original BitTorrent application was written in Python
<>  and its
code has been released under the BitTorrent Open Source
<>  License (a modified version
the Jabber <>  Open Source License),
of version 4.0. 




I wasn't aware of a version 4.0 of the Jabber Open Source License; the
Jabber license posted at OSI's website is version 1.0. Nor is a
Open Source License posted on the OSI website.


I found this article through a link on the FSF website, at which they
to BitTorrent as a "free format" that they use to post their conferences
the web. [See] 


Any further information????




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