OT: Governance and responsibility

Ernest Prabhakar prabhaka at apple.com
Mon Sep 26 22:06:00 UTC 2005

Hi James,

On Sep 26, 2005, at 2:44 PM, James McGovern wrote:
> If they are not conducting daily briefings with the likes of the  
> Gartner
> Group on high quality open source software that isn't supported by
> commercial endevors then bad information will go out the door. I  
> would love
> to see projects such as Drools, Liferay and others be covered by  
> the analyst
> space.

Um, can we please have a reality check here?  In my experience, even  
large companies with real PR budgets have a hard time keeping  
analysts completely clued in on what's going on with their well- 
defined products.  Are you really saying you hold our all-volunteer  
board responsible for not exceeding that standard when faced with the  
universe of open source software?

More importantly, are _you_ volunteering to take on that thankless job?

C'mon, people.  The OSI Board are just ordinary, over-burdened human  
beings like ourselves, trying to do the best they can for a community  
they care about.  Sure, they've made some decisions that I personally  
consider unwise, but I at least am willing to step up to the plate  
and help them fix them. Are you?

Its not like the OSI has the ability to collect taxes or anything for  
which we can demand accountability. Like every other open source  
project, we pay our way through sweat equity. Or, as a friend of mine  
once put, "To complain is to volunteer."

At any rate, I propose we officially declare this issue "off-topic"  
for license-discuss, and continue the discussion via:

	membership-discuss-subscribe at opensource.org

-- Ernie P.

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> James McGovern wrote:
>> If the OSI allows bad / incomplete information to perpetuate in the
> industry
>> analyst community, why should we trust them? Can someone from the  
>> OSI take
>> analyst briefings seriously and make this their action item
> If you think it's possible to *keep* bad/incomplete information
> from perpetuating, I'd sure like to know how.  One of the
> glories and the hells of the Web is the Java-esque, "Once said,
> always remembered" concept.
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