Pre-existing purpose and value vs Adminstrative rules

Russell Nelson nelson at
Mon Sep 12 02:47:37 UTC 2005

Forrest J. Cavalier III writes:
 > (BTW, the 3 criteria are no longer at the where they used
 > to be, I had to dig them out of Russ's email from 3/2/2005....)  Steve M,
 > can you fix this?

Steve acts at the behest of the board.  I think we made a mistake when
we told him to remove them (duh), but he did as we told and that is
proper.  (In case you think his job consequently sucks, we give him
free latitude to make creative changes to make the site more
attractive, which he has done and thankyouverymuch!)

 > "ESR" referred to them "new criteria" and recently as not part
 > of the OSD because they are "adminstrative, not philosophical."

The theory is that they're administrative in the same way that the
license approval process is also administrative.  I was initially
convinced to run with this theory, but I'm less confident that it's
correct.  We don't tell people that they can't write their own IRC
client which obeys the IRC protocol.  We *do* tell people that they
can't write their own license which obeys the OSD.

The rest of your email is premature since the board hasn't decided
that those three administrative criteria should be moved into the

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