License Committee Report for September 2005

Russell Nelson nelson at
Sat Sep 10 05:33:40 UTC 2005

Okay, it's clear that the license committee report needs to be
revised.  Let's take this discussion back to the committee and stop
CC'ing the entire board of OSI.  Speaking officially for the board, we
established a committee structure so that we didn't have to involve
the entire board in everything OSI does.

Correspondingly, I've set a Reply-To just license-discuss.

Ken Sedgwick writes:
 > I resubmitted the amended ACE License to license-discuss on 5/15/2005
 > and got no response.

Yep, I just saw that tonight.  I have to amend the report.

 > I'm really confused about the process at this point ...

Sorry, it's all my bad.  We've been spending SO MUCH time electing new
board members and establishing new committees that I didn't push the
board to act on the license approvals from May.  It's now September
and those license approvals still need to be acted on.  It's just as
well since, as you note, you got changes made to the ACE license.

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