License Committee Report for September 2005

Ken Sedgwick ken at
Sat Sep 10 05:09:01 UTC 2005

Russell Nelson wrote:

> --
> The ACE License is a hard case because on the face of it, the license
> intends to be open source.  And yet it's duplicative and not clearly
> written, and even a lawyer says that it doesn't say what it means.  On
> the other hand, the submittor is not the licensor, so getting the
> license changed may start at impossible and get harder from there.
> Title: ACE License
> Submission:
> License: in the submission
> Comments: Rod Dixon recommends rejection:
>     because any licensee can distribute the original under a
>     proprietary license.  The submittor, Ken Sedgwick, has not replied
>     to dispute this recommendation.
> Recommend: rejection

In early May the ACE License was amended to address these issues.

On 5/15/2005 A conversation between Doug Schmidt (the author of the ACE
License) and Rod Dixon regarding the license had Rod Dixon saying "I
think this works; the suggested change is fine." and was posted to the
ace-users mailing list

I resubmitted the amended ACE License to license-discuss on 5/15/2005
and got no response.

I asked license-discuss for status on 5/25/2005 and got no response.

I asked license-discuss for status again on 8/9/2005 and go no response.

I'm really confused about the process at this point ...


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