License Proliferation

Alex Bligh alex at
Mon Sep 5 09:03:32 UTC 2005

--On 04 September 2005 22:42 -0700 Ben Tilly <btilly at> wrote:

> I hate using the word "compatible" there.
> One would think that "compatible" indicated a reciprocal relationship.
>  It does not.  "GPL compatible" means that you can be incorporated
> into GPLed software.  You generally can't incorporate GPLed software
> into anything that isn't GPLed.  The limit of compatibility is a
> one-directional relationship.

OK, well that makes 2 of us. Shall we invent the phrases "GPL-relicensable",
"MPL-relicensable" etc. as that is (I think) what we are really talking


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