License Proliferation

Russell Nelson nelson at
Fri Sep 2 03:19:28 UTC 2005

Lawrence Rosen writes:

.... and if wishes were fishes everyone would eat.

So are you suggesting that OSI be *even more* proactive about license
quality?  I've tried to implement your suggestion #1 and gotten
hammered for it.  The very most basic question (which you don't ask)
is this:

  Does OSI certify all licenses that comply with the OSD?


  Does OSI certify all good licenses that comply with the OSD?

In other words, do we take into account the interests of the
community?  Or do we act as a conditional rubber stamp -- conditional
*only* upon compliance with the OSD?

I suggest that the answer is not obvious.  It's not obvious what the
right answer is, and it's not obvious what the community wants us to
do.  Ian Lance Taylor was complaining earlier that we don't ask people
questions.  Presumably, now that I'm asking, he'll have an opinion.

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