There is a separate list for license proliferation discussions

Laura Majerus LMajerus at
Thu Sep 1 19:42:57 UTC 2005

If y'all think this is the right place, I stand corrected. The reason we
made two lists was to try to keep traffic down for those people who
didn't want to read license proliferation messages, but if you all think
this discussion belongs here, go to it!

It would be nice if you cross-posted to the
license-proliferation-discuss list, but certainly not required.


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I'd tend to agree with Larry - license-discuss is the right place for
now for the reasons he said, but also because proliferation arguments
are contained in 90% of the messages re approving or not-approving new
licenses (which is meant to be on license-discuss). If it was the case
that proliferation was an orthogonal issue to approval, I would agree
with Laura
- but it isn't, at least in the mind of one prominent OSI board member.
Thus whilst approvals are impacted, here is the right place.


--On 31 August 2005 16:33 -0700 Lawrence Rosen <lrosen at>

> I specifically directed folks to license-discuss because that's where 
> all the subscribers are. Lots of people lurk on this list who may not 
> have bothered subscribing to a special proliferation discussion.
> We need a public conversation where we've always talked about 
> licenses, so we can tell which licenses proliferate and which don't. 
> Sorry, Laura, I'm not looking forward to talking with a subset of 
> folks here, or just a committee meeting. At least not yet. :-)
> /Larry
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>> Subject: There is a separate list for license proliferation 
>> discussions
>> All,  Please send license proliferation related posts to 
>> license-proliferation-discuss (not license-discuss, which is for 
>> license approval discussion).  Thanks.
>> NOTE:  You can subscribe to the license-proliferation-discuss email 
>> list by sending an email to 
>> license-proliferation-discuss-subscribe at
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>> [Larry Rosen wrote]
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>> I believe the place to have this dialogue is at OSI's discussion 
>> list, license-discuss at For those of you who merely 
>> lurk there without speaking up, I also welcome private email.


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