There is a separate list for license proliferation discussions

Alex Bligh alex at
Thu Sep 1 08:36:07 UTC 2005

I'd tend to agree with Larry - license-discuss is the right place for now
for the reasons he said, but also because proliferation arguments are
contained in 90% of the messages re approving or not-approving new licenses
(which is meant to be on license-discuss). If it was the case that
proliferation was an orthogonal issue to approval, I would agree with Laura
- but it isn't, at least in the mind of one prominent OSI board member.
Thus whilst approvals are impacted, here is the right place.


--On 31 August 2005 16:33 -0700 Lawrence Rosen <lrosen at> wrote:

> I specifically directed folks to license-discuss because that's where all
> the subscribers are. Lots of people lurk on this list who may not have
> bothered subscribing to a special proliferation discussion.
> We need a public conversation where we've always talked about licenses, so
> we can tell which licenses proliferate and which don't. Sorry, Laura, I'm
> not looking forward to talking with a subset of folks here, or just a
> committee meeting. At least not yet. :-)
> /Larry
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>> All,  Please send license proliferation related posts to
>> license-proliferation-discuss (not license-discuss, which is
>> for license approval discussion).  Thanks.
>> NOTE:  You can subscribe to the license-proliferation-discuss
>> email list by sending an email to
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>> [Larry Rosen wrote]
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>> I believe the place to have this dialogue is at OSI's
>> discussion list, license-discuss at For those of
>> you who merely lurk there without speaking up, I also welcome
>> private email.


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