prohibit change in parts of the software

Justin Clift jclift at
Thu Mar 31 04:36:06 UTC 2005

Nick Moffitt wrote:
> [Justin seems to have taken this off-list by mistake, or else is
> trying to confuse me into giving him private tutorials.  Either way,
> the distribution is fixed now.]

Sorry, was sleepy. :(

> 	Yeah, and we all complained that that was problematic.  The
> GPL itself just says "you have to make it apparent in a standard way
> what the license terms are" and other licenses say "keep this here!"
> That text up there is messy because it restricts your ability to
> modify genuine functionality of the code.  Most of the folks who
> agreed to the X7 license said things like "Well yes *if*..." and
> listed some pretty big "if"s.

Thanks Nick.  I suspect my email server is doing something interesting 
then as I only saw a very few replies.

I'll check it out. :)

> 	I'd say that license is pretty bad, myself, and needs fixin'.

The seem to have adjusted it for their new version in Beta.  :)

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