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Nick Moffitt nick at
Wed Mar 30 19:34:36 UTC 2005

[Justin seems to have taken this off-list by mistake, or else is
trying to confuse me into giving him private tutorials.  Either way,
the distribution is fixed now.]

begin  Justin Clift  quotation:
> Hmmm, that's not the answer I got when I asked about the X7 license a 
> week or so ago.
> Specifically, after claiming a specific license (GPL v2 or above) part 
> of it then limits that by specifying:
> ***********
>   Under no circumstances are you allowed to
>   remove or edit the file copyright.png or remove/edit the file
> unless written permission from the X7 Group is obtained.
> ***********
> Hmmm..... ;)

	Yeah, and we all complained that that was problematic.  The
GPL itself just says "you have to make it apparent in a standard way
what the license terms are" and other licenses say "keep this here!"
That text up there is messy because it restricts your ability to
modify genuine functionality of the code.  Most of the folks who
agreed to the X7 license said things like "Well yes *if*..." and
listed some pretty big "if"s.

	I'd say that license is pretty bad, myself, and needs fixin'.

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