"For Approval:" oxGLODE

Dave Gravel dave.gravel at cgocable.ca
Tue Mar 15 22:06:35 UTC 2005

Section: 1
oxGLODE is a Delphi component.
And it not have licence in the moment.
I like to have a Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL)  or similar to protect my 
work and to get all modification code on it from other users.
Section: 2
oxGLODE use ODE and GLScene.
But with ode it just use the dll I not have modify the code part.
Here it is the ODE licence.
I have read the ode licence and if I add all licence information of ODE with 
my project all is ok.
With GLScene my component just use some 3D objects to make the ODE objects 
visible in 3D.
GLScene is released to the public as open-source under Mozilla Public 
I have talk to the creator and the he say me if I get a MPL licence it is 
not suposed to make problem to other licences.
I have take a look in all licences and I not see any incompatible parts on 
Section: 3
N/A oxGLODE not have licence in the moment.
Sorry my english.

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