Full-circle - defining scope, focus and real needs

David Webber (XML) david at drrw.info
Fri Mar 11 18:43:43 UTC 2005


Seems to me we've come full-circle again since two weeks ago.

Let me try and make some bold reality check statements.

1) We're really defining licenses here for the major markets -
    a) North / South America
    b) Europe
    c) Asia
    d) China / Japan
    e) Commonwealth countries
    f) Russia 

Goat herders in Sudan and Afghanistan probably are not a 
major issue

2) Given 1) above - there are alot more similarities than differences that
     can be discerned here - based on the legal foundation and heritage.

Therefore - looking at broad models here I suspect is the way to
make progress - based in marketplace - then license models
within that.

I also truely do believe that pragmatic realism can win over 
complexity.  Pick just a small set here of proven and practical
choices.  Pick just a few major working languages where
absolutely necessary  - otherwise enforce English as the 
main default.

If you give people a million choices - they will abuse you.  If you
force them to choose from a "McDonalds menu" you will have
alot less problems - and a lot more customers.

Someone needs to establish the goals, the roadmap, and the
priorities - and not worry about all these other "what-ifs".

Serve your customers.  Figure out who those people are
and set that scope in the ground.

Those people who want to do something else will.  
You just cannot and should not worry about them
for the next five years!


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