Question regarding a new local license approach

Walter van Holst walter.van.holst at
Thu Mar 10 15:23:05 UTC 2005

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 06:17:04 -0500, Chuck Swiger <chuck at> wrote:

> If local law says an agreement or contract needs to have certain
> properties to be valid, yet the license tries to disclaim one of those
> things, the situation becomes unclear and may require a judge to make a
> decision if there is a dispute.  And there is no point to risking a
> decision you don't like if you can avoid the ambiguity by writing a
> license which is not inherently questionable under your legal codes.

Having a license that is not inherently questionable under Dutch law
is precisely the main reason I am asking on this list whether local
versus US law issues would be acceptable reasons for OSI to have yet
another license certified. Several governmental clients of mine would
like to get it right, getting it right is of limited use however if it
doesn't gain acceptance by the OSS community. I would like to hear
from those involved in certification decisions whether they are
willing to consider such a local license for certification, any
imminent cull of the OSI-herd notwithstanding.



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