Question regarding a new local license approach

Chuck Swiger chuck at
Thu Mar 10 11:17:04 UTC 2005

On Mar 10, 2005, at 5:43 AM, Walter van Holst wrote:
> Let me put it this way: I would expect Sun to win such a court case, 
> but the basis
> would be much more in implied law than in the writing in the license.
> And relying on implied law is never a good starting point to begin 
> with.

OK, thanks for the explanation.

If local law says an agreement or contract needs to have certain 
properties to be valid, yet the license tries to disclaim one of those 
things, the situation becomes unclear and may require a judge to make a 
decision if there is a dispute.  And there is no point to risking a 
decision you don't like if you can avoid the ambiguity by writing a 
license which is not inherently questionable under your legal codes.


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