An explanation of the difficulty of solving licenseproliferation in one sentence

Russell Nelson nelson at
Thu Mar 10 05:01:04 UTC 2005

Forrest J. Cavalier III writes:
 > Of course the OSD+3 proposal (and any proposal) makes it worse, because
 > artificial controls in a marketplace are always inefficient.
 > Publishing under an widely incompatible license will indeed supress
 > the market penetration of your stuff, but the market will not be
 > affected measurably.  So, I'd say that disparity is enough.  We don't need\
 > artificial controls, and it is very curious that The Angry Economist doesn't
 > agree. What do you have to say for yourself Russ?

"Anything that's peaceful".

 > Since I am not on the board, and that the board meetings are so
 > secretive, I could not begin to imagine.

Our public board meetings are never highly attended.  I would feel
worse about being "so secretive" if more people seemed to care.

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