Three new proposed OSD terms

Jason White jasonjgw at
Sat Mar 5 01:01:02 UTC 2005

Steve Quinn writes:
 > > Alex Rousskov writes:
 > >
 > >Whether the problem is real and whether there are any solutions is irrelevant for this 
 > >discussion (and both questions require a good definition of what the alleged problem 
 > >is).
 > As a new user to this list and as someone planning to release multiple projects under one or more open source licenses, I can tell you that it is a nightmare trying to determine the right license to use.  This may be one of the reasons the GPL is so widely default just because it is the most widely used, and not necessarily because it is the best for a particular project.  To research through the many licenses is either extremely time consuming or extremely expensive.

This is a good argument for a "recommended" list of licenses, but not
for more restrictive approval criteria. If there is a list of
recommended licenses covering the spectrum of common licensing
objectives, this will provide a starting point that should suffice for
most purposes. If one's needs weren't met by a license on the
recommended list, one could still search through the remaining
approved licenses or draft a new one.

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