Three new proposed OSD terms (next steps?)

Alex Bligh alex at
Fri Mar 4 10:12:56 UTC 2005

--On 03 March 2005 17:37 -0500 "David A. Wheeler" <dwheeler at> 

> 1. What's needed is a list of criteria for a license to become a "Gold"
> standard....

I believe a further useful criterion for a gold license is that there
should be no restriction on modifying or using the license (except that the
license MAY mandate that the original license name and license creator be

This applies the same open-source philosophy to the license themselves, and
encourages clause-reuse, and similar licenses rather than licenses written
from scratch. That way, to the extent there is license proliferation,
differences will be minimized (for instance changes in jurisdiction
clauses), rather than producing complete rewrites.


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