Three new proposed OSD terms

Joel West svosrp at
Thu Mar 3 22:42:58 UTC 2005

On 5:33 PM -0500 3/3/05, Russell Nelson doth scribe:
>So are you saying that you see no solution to the license
>proliferation problem?  Or are you denying the existance of the

* In the 1980s we had a proliferation of PC assembly companies.
* In the 1990s we had a proliferation of .com companies.
* Today we have a proliferation of open source projects.  On
SourceForge alone, 96,737 as of this afternoon.

How would we know a priori which of these companies or projects or
licenses are "right" or "important". Would a guy starting a PC company
in a UT Austin dorm room ever going to amount to much. (Or guys
starting a software company near a bowling alley in New Mexico?)

If this is an OSI administrative problem of not having enough
resources to be able to scale, then charge a fee for certification
that recaptures the lifetime costs of listing the license.


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