Three new proposed OSD terms

Rick Moen rick at
Wed Mar 2 20:00:11 UTC 2005

Quoting Joel West (svosrp at

> I realize that Larry Rosen may today be a controversial figure here...

Objection.  I'm pretty certain Mr. Rosen is held in _very_ high respect, 
even by those of us who are a bit skeptical of the need for clickwrap

Unlike a certain East Coast university, say  ;->  , we don't go around
personally attacking strong contributors just because we don't
appreciate one or two of the things they have said (not that Mr. Rosen's
advocacy of some forms of contract-based licensing don't have their
merits).  And AFL/OSL _were_ truly novel and worthwhile contributions,
too.  Not to mention his other substantive work for OSI.

(I expect Ms. Majerus's work to be equally impressive and appreciated,
having been on several copyright-law discussion panels with her.)

> Define "steward". Does this mean that we encourage people to copyright 
> their licenses?

Reminder:  In all Berne Convention countries (such as the USA), all
creative works (with minor exceptions) in the statutory categories
become copyrighted properties at the instant of creation in fixed form.

Accordingly, the answer to your question is "Mu".

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